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Four Imagist Songs (2020) 

for soprano, oboe, violin, and tuba


Dragoi Metaphors (2019)

for violin, viola, cello, and piano

Fanfara Sărbătorească (2019)

for six trumpets and two flugelhorns


Six musical moments (2018)

for clarinet, cimbalom, cello, and piano


Socrates’ Aphorisms (in progress)

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano


12 snapshots (2017)

for cello and two percussions


Țiituri (2016)

for viola and cello


Trenule (2016) – improvisation on Romanian tune

for viola and cimbalom


Margins (2015)

for violin, cello, cimbalom, and percussion


Suite (2015)

for three low instruments

Two preludes (2014)

for flute, viola and harp


Rural Sketches (2014)

for marimba and bass ensemble


Belorussian Bouquet (2014)

for dulcimer and piano


Two lyrical pieces (2013)

for trumpet, piano and percussion

Fantasia (2013)

for wind quartet


Ca la Breaza dance (2013)

for clarinet quartet


OM (2012)

for two pianos


Ten pieces (2012)

for accordion and cimbalom


Concert Overture (2012)

for three accordions, piano, double bass, and percussion


Boiereasca Suite (2011)

for three accordions, piano, double bass, and percussion (four movements)


In Haydn’s Steps Suite (2009) 

for cimbalom and string quartet (seven movements)


Leopard’s Path - 13 visions (2009)

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, cimbalom, and piano


In John’s Garden cycle (2008)

for the clarinet and piano (eight movements)


Trough Flowers (2008)

for marimba solo


Chili Images (2008)

for string quartet (seven movements)


Tango (2007)

for tenor saxophone, marimba, guitar, and piano


Trio - Homage to Brahms (2007)

for vibraphone, cello, and piano


Fishing day journey (2006)

for two clarinets


Eight pieces (2005)

for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello


Hills and Valleys (2005)

for violin, clarinet, and piano


Sonata (2005)

for Clarinet and Piano


Malanca (2004)

for brass quintet


Ar trebui (It Should Be) poem (2002)

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion


Eight pieces in folk-jazz style (1998)

for flute, violin, and guitar


Pan poem (1994)

for pan flute and chamber ensemble.


Quartet in C (1993) 

for string quartet (four movements)


Variations on an Original Theme (1992)

for violin and piano


Toward the dawn (2007)

for chamber orchestra

Adagio in a Romantic style (2007)

for string orchestra

Aroma of Wheat (2006)

for chamber orchestra

Wind Mill Variations (2005)

for chamber orchestra

Scherzo (1993)

for symphony orchestra


Six Bagatelles (2016)

for piano

Trough Flowers (2008)

for marimba

Concert Suite (1999)

for cimbalom


Mountains, give me a body (2014)

for woman choir


The Properties of Salt (2010)

for mezzo-soprano, 2 violas, and 2 cellos (seven movements)


Poemele luminii (Poems of Light) cycle (2005)

for mezzo-soprano and piano on the text by Lucian Blaga (four movements)


Mistreţul cu colţi de argint (The Silver–fanged Boar) cantata (2001)

for tenor, declamation, choir and symphony orchestra on the text by Stefan August Doinaş


Blues fantasy (1996)

for mixed vocal ensemble


Descântece (Spells) cycle (1996)

for mixed choir (five movements)


Sunflower (2005)

for cimbalom and electronics

Beyond the mountains (2004)

for electronics

Trip to Illinois (2002)

for wind MIDI instrument, and live electronics


Two Romanian folk songs (2012)

for accordion and cimbalom


Ciocârlia (Skylark) (2000) - fantasy

for a mixed vocal ensemble

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